The Blog Societies – a cultivated community unlocking resources for influencers and bloggers.

TBS is an online community for bloggers to connect, learn and grow. They offer resources, blogger spotlight interviews, and an online directory to help brands find bloggers to partner and collaborate with. They also host workshops and an annual conference with speakers and influencers from big brands like Lily Pulitzer, Vera Bradley, L’Oreal, Asos, Wayfair and more. It was such a joy to be able to work with them and create this beautiful new identity and website for them.

Their new logo is focused around their member experience. We wanted new member to feel as if they are getting their own personal key to this secret society, finally able to unlock all these resources and connections to grow their blog. We created a key icon to convey this deeper meaning with the brand’s initials, “TBS” hidden in the design. This simple mark ending up living through the custom website and print pieces, leaving little hints to make the members feel extra special and welcomed.

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